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Past Sales


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Hettleman Collection: Fine & Decorative Arts

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024, Auction 11am


Sculptures by Sergio Capellini, David Phelps, Ron Kagan & others, Originals by Sunol Alvar, Kre8,

Francisco Zuniga & LeRoy Neiman screenprints, Functional and Art glass by Robert Held, Paul Harrie, Correia,

Simone Cenedese & Murano, Metal works by Carrol Boyes & Michael Aram, Porcelain & ceramics and much more.


Spring Collection

Artwork, Pottery, Furniture & Movie Posters

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, Auction 11am

Thomas B. Griffin Sterling Mountains Vermont painting, Aimee Garcia Marrero painting 71 x 45 Ό”, Hong Kong China Trade paintings View Of Hong Kong Harbor,

Furniture Vintage Cane & Modern Lucite & Display cabinets, Jackson Morey Hensley painting 59 ½ x 59 ½”, Hajime Okuda Mauna Kea Beach painting,

Salvador Dali Lithographs & etchings, 18th/19th Century paintings, James Bond & other movie posters, Romeo Enriquez 1966 Filipino painting, Art Lord mixed media works,

Yannis Amoryanos & other animal art, Chris Mars & other Low Brow artists.



Hockney Warhol Miro & Dali! Dali! Dali!

March 20th, 2024, Auction 11am

Robert Rauschenberg screenprint, Joan Miro lithographs & books, Joe Baker painting 60 x 72”,

Salvador Dali sculptures, Andy Warhol screenprint, Roberto Matta pastel, Salvador Dali etchings & portfolios,

John Nava painting 60 x 59”, Salvador Dali lithographs, Muhammad Imran Qureshi watercolors, Paul Wonner 1954 gouache,

Michael Jordan & Bill Russell Sports Memorabilia, David Hockney lithograph, Alexander Calder lithograph.



Movie & Art Posters

March 13th, 2024, starts at 10am

online timed auction only




Spectacular Auction

January 27th, 2024

Poul Cadovius and mid-century furniture, Vasa Velizar Mihich painting 48 x 72” & sculptures, Phoebe Beasley collage on canvas,

Ed Ruscha 1971 lithograph, James Franco painting 60 x 96”, Jacob Collins painting,

David Hockney 1993 lithograph, Howard Rogers painting.


Fine Art, Sculpture, Photography & Posters

December 13th, 2023, 11am


Malibu Collections

November 15th, 2023, 11am







Modern & Contemporary Art

Auction Saturday September 21st @ Noon


Illustrated rows: Icart etchings, Joan Miro lithograph, John Hilton painting, Erte sculptures & screenprints,

LeRoy Neiman screenprints, Dali etchings, Frederick Hart sculpture, Picasso Vollard etching,

Charles Levier paintings, Leger lithograph, Israeli art collection, Picasso linocut, Amanda Watt collection,

Michael Childers photograph, Peter Max screenprints, Agamograph.




Auction Saturday August 24th @ Noon

American and European Art Collection


Erte sculptures, Chet Engle paintings, European Art collection, Joseph Gunther 1886 painting, Betye Saar watercolors, Peter Max paintings,

Mendij 52 x 48” painting, Albert Mohr painting, Hugo Schrieber pastel & gouaches, Paul Colin poster, Miriam Wosk gouache,

Theodor Alphons 1895 watercolor, Rick Griffin & friends, Charles Levier paintings, Sandor Buzna 1906 painting.




Auction Saturday July 27th @ Noon

Film Producer Arnold Kopelson Art Collection

 Illustrated: Philip De Laszlo painting, Joan Miro (D.450) aquatint, Erte sculptures, Bernard Lorjou large paintings,

Chinese & Asian sculpture & pottery, Willering Epko large painting, Richard MacDonald sculpture,

Bob Peak paintings, Patrick Nagel painting & prints, Deloss McGraw large acrylic,

Marius Welman large painting, Sophia Kisselov painting.




Auction Saturday June 29th @ Noon


CODA Gallery named "Best Gallery in California" American Art Awards

Exclusive Inventory Reduction Event part II and part III of the Moskowitz Estates

Illustrated columns: Mark Kostabi painting, Anni Albers screenprint, Jeffrey Hein painting, Terry Winters etching, Pre-Columbian pottery collection,

Rufino Tamayo lithograph, Ansel Adams photographs, Kawachi Seiko gigantic woodcuts, Jules Engel 1953 painting, Issac Maimon large painting,

Cheong Soo Pieng painting, Erte sculptures, Charles Levier paintings, Jane De Decker sculpture.




Auction Saturday June 1st @ Noon

CODA Gallery named "Best Gallery in California" American Art Awards

Exclusive Inventory Reduction Event and part II of the Reynolds & Moskowitz Estates

Illustrated: Elio Raffaeli Murano/Oggetti Glass, Dottie Miles paintings, Cohn-Stone Studio sculpture, Steve Larson paintings,

William Aiken Walker paintings, Kent Wallis paintings, large Southeast Asian statue, Ray Hare paintings, Elliot Erwitt photograph,

George Rodrique Blue Dog screenprints, Keith Cottingham photographs, Jeffrey Hein paintings, KPM porcelains,

Pre-Columbian pottery collection, Ulla Darni chandeliers, Erte sculptures, Cenedese Murano Glass Chandelier




Auction Saturday May 4th @ Noon

Modern, Contemporary, Ethnic & Decorative Arts

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Pottery & Wood Craft

from the Reynolds & Moskowitz estates, part I

Jerry Rothman, Beatrice Abbott, Deloss McGraw, Pablo Picasso (AR.333), Max Waldman, Tibetan Thangka, Alexander Charriol,

African Art, Red Grooms, Erte sculptures, Marc Chagall (M.946), Robert Graham, Buddhist stone,

Asger Jorn watercolor, Chinese collection, Charles Bragg, Anthony Casay, Sophie Combres, Parker Ito, Dan Dailey for Daum glass.

Modern, Contemporary & Ethnic Fine Art Auction

March 23rd, 2019, noon 

African & Ethnic Art sculptures, Frederick Hart sculpture, Bill Mack sculptures, Jason Sely metal sculpture 24 x 35 x 32”, Erte bronze sculptures,

William Boissevain Australian painting, Laddie John Dill wall sculptures, Roberto Matta hand painted gravure 38 x 38”, Otto Kuhler etchings & paintings.



Contemporary, Modern & Southwestern Art Auction

February 23rd, 2019, noon 

Illustrated: Iona Rozeal Brown screenprint, Balcomb Greene oil painting 58 x 52”, Charles Arnoldi acrylic painting 76 x 84”,

Leopold Rivers 1896 oil painting 40 x 30”, Ellie Riley sculptures & paintings, Denise De La Rue color light-jet print 57 x 35”,

Southwestern pottery collection, Erte ten sculptures, Tom Perkinson watercolors & paintings, Ed Hart large wood sculptures,

Frank Ramme paintings, Pablo Picasso 1952 ceramic, Michael Kenna photographs, Steve Kaufman screenprints.



19th & 20th Century Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Photography

January 26th, 2019  Auction at noon

Illustrated: Picasso tapestry 71 x 48”, Yves Edgard Muller D’escars painting 86 x 51”, Henri Vos painting 14 x 17”, Gladys Medina large paintings, Constantine Kluge painting 32 x 39”, Alphonse Mucha lithographs, Michael Wilkinson sculpture 19”, Cape Dorset printmakers, Hugues Claude Pissarro pastels, Ellie Riley sculptures, Donald Hamilton Fraser painting 23 x 18”, Hudson Valley Artist painting 30 x 26”, Erte bronzes, Otto Kuhler etchings, Marie Mahy-Bossu painting, 40 x 32”, Tom Perkinson paintings, Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs.


Holiday Auction of Fine & Decorative Arts

from the Big Mulholland House

December 15th, 2018  Auction



20th & 21st Century Modern & Contemporary Artwork from

Paul J. Coady, Yale Udoff, and Gaby & David Stuart estates

 Saturday December 1st, 2018 at noon

 Frank Romero painting 54 x 54”, Cheong Soo Pieng painting 33 x 33”, Michael Kalish license plates collage 42 x 42”, Francis Tansey painting 24 x 24”,

Peter Max four paintings, Erte sculpture collection, Charles Fazzino painting 14 x 11 x 3”, Dan McCleary paintings, Leonard Koscianski large paintings.



Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Art Auction

 Saturday November 3rd, 2018 at noon

Willitts Designs Int. collection of eight, Estella and Mariano Vivanco two large,

Mark Kostabi bronze 67” tall, Tom Brewitz kinetic 74” tall, Richard MacDonald five bronzes,

Tiefeng Jiang six bronzes 44” to 18”, Ernst Trova chrome 28”, Paul Wegner three bronzes,

Erte fifteen bronzes, Felipe Castaneda 300 lbs. marble


Dr. G & the Kaufman Collection

Auction Saturday September 22nd 2018 at noon

Illustrated rows: Zuniga watercolor, Dali lithographs, Erte bronzes, Ricardo Martinez painting, Mr. Brainwash spray-paint, Herb Ritts photographs, Indiana portfolio of 30, Burton Morris paintings, Picasso linocut & etchings, Erte gouache, Devon originals, Ruth Bernhard photograph, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena painting, Miro aquatint, Nagel paintings, Chung Ray Fong watercolors, Stephan Holland painting.


A Gallery Liquidation Auction

Saturday August 25th, 2018 at noon

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Photographs & Furniture

David Hockney screenprint 81 x 41”, Salvador Dali collection, Charles Arnoldi large original, Michael Kalish license plate artworks,

Michael Chapman painting, Furniture of interest, Keiff Grediaga three sculptures, Leonardo Nierman paintings & tapestry,

Yaacov Agam collection, Rufino Tamayo Mixographs





Auction Saturday July 21st, 2018 @ noon

The Screenwriter's Collection of American, European, Israeli, Latin American & Californian,

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Photographs

Illustrated: Yaacov Agam sculpture & prints, Paul Cadmus etchings, Manuel Mendive (Cuban) bronze

James Guy 1939 watercolor, Peter Max official painting for Super Bowl XXVIII, Ken Bortolazzo steel sculpture

Frank Stella and contemporary prints, Laddie John Dill sculpture.



Michael Hittleman Collection of

Israeli, American, European & Latin American Art

Saturday June 16th, 2018 at noon

Illustrated: Gabriel Cohen painting, Dan McCleary painting, Michal Na’Aman painting, Bill Mack sculpture, David Siqueiros 1946 lithograph, Sami Briss painting,

G. H. Rothe mezzotint, Salvador Dali portfolio of 3, Marc Chagall etching & lithographs, Menesha Kadishman paintings, Dario Campanile monoprints

Yohanan Simon painting, Elizabeth Keith watercolor


Spring Fine Art Auction

Saturday May 19th, 2018 at noon


Illustrated: Francis Bacon lithograph, Marc Chagall lithograph, Eyvind Earle two large paintings, Jules Cheret painting,

Richard Anuszkiewicz and other modern prints, Harold Shelton a collection of large bronzes,

Eugene Petit and other 19th century paintings.




Western & Native American & Shona Stone

Sculpture, Painting, Pottery & Prints from

the Dr. Burton Fink and Melchor A. Villanua collections.

Auction Saturday April 21st, 2018 at noon


Illustrated in columns: Doug Hyde sculptures, Bonnie Marris paintings, Ron Stewart paintings, Joel Phillips painting,

 Miguel Martinez pastels, Acoma & Mata Ortiz pottery, R. C. Gorman lithographs, Larry Yazzi & other stone sculptors,

Turid Pedersen painting, Glenna Goodacre & other bronze artists.





The Dr. Burton Fink Collection of Modern, Contemporary & Latin American Art

Auction Saturday March 24th, 2018


Illustrated: Marc Chagall collection, Rafael Coronel painting, Richard McDonald sculptures, Ed Ruscha screenprint, Rufino Tamayo Mixographs,

Margaret Keane painting, Francesco Spicuzza painting, Dale Chihuly blown glass, David Hockney lithograph, Frederick Hart sculptures,

Jack Zajak sculpture, Gunther Gerzso painting, Armando Romero sculpture, Ynez Johnson collection.


American & Asian Print Auction

Auction Saturday February 10thth, 2018

Illustrated: Jack Sonenberg etching, Ting Shao Kuang screenprints,

Kyu-Baik Hwang mezzotint, David Salle lithograph

Dr. Lakra prints, Kiyoshi Saito woodcuts, Mel Ramos lithograph, Reginald Neal screenprint

The New Year Collection!

Auction Saturday January 13th @ Noon

Illustrated: Chris Dellorco collection, Milton Derr panel from triptych 60 x 108”,

Andy Warhol original screenprint edition of 190, Picasso signed lithograph, Tom Martin 38” wood sculpture

Felipe Castaneda sculpture, Picasso 1948 ceramic, Margaret Keane 1957 painting 24 x 18”.



The Brentwood Collection of 19th & 20th Century, Modern & Contemporary,

American, African American, Californian, European & Latin American, Paintings,

Prints, Photography, Sculpture & Native American Pottery.

Auction Saturday December 9th @ Noon

Illustrated: Robert Frame painting, Romare Bearden collection, California & American paintings

Jacob Lawrence collection, Yaccov Agam plastic multiple, Rufino Tamayo Mixografia gravures, Robert Matta portfolio of 10 aquatints.



Auction Saturday October 7th @ Noon

Eva & Steve Dorog Gallery of Beverly Hills Liquidation 

19th & 20th Century, American, European, Street & Urban, Californian & Decorative

Paintings, Original Prints & Posters, Sculpture, Drawings and Photography

Illustrated: Rare Austrian & European posters, 19th & early 20th Century paintings, Gustav Klimt rare signed prints

woodblock & original prints, Brett Weston photographs, Urban & Street art

Patrick Nagel sculpture, Donald Roller Wilson painting.



California & International Collection

Auction September 9th 2017

Illustrated: Annie Leibovitz Cibachrome, Vernon Fisher paintings, Ron Kostoff paintings, Theophilus Brown 1984 painting,

Billy Al Bengston 1982 painting, Aaron Gilbert painting, Robert Rauschenberg drawings and painting, Ken Price & other California prints,

Sid Avery gelatin silver print, Francisco Zuniga 1978 pastel, Erte cast bronze, Bob Willoughby gelatin silver print.



The Stendahl and Canvassed Collections

Auction July 22nd, 2017

illustrated: Michael Parkes 1978 painting, Ben Shahn collection, Italian Marble Columns, Marc Laurent Bruyas 1893 painting,

Woods Davy 73" granite and stone, Oscar Zamarripa bronze & Stone, Italian 48" stone angels, Peter Max Collecition,

Neil Leifer JFK photograph, Dario Villalba 1985 multi-panel



Riesa & Harold Howard Estate and works from the Theodore Bikel Collection

Auction June 10th, 2017

Illustrated: Mark Kostabi paintings, Chinese Jade, Salvador Dali lithograph, antique boxes, Peter Max originals

Chinese ceramics, Frederick Hardt sculptures, New Guinea and African art, Lalique glass, Pre-Columbian art


Auction May 6th, 2017

Felipe Casteneda 1967 bronze #1/3, Pablo Picasso Femme Au Chapeau (B.1070) linoleum cut # 21/50, Frederick Hart monumental bronze sculpture

Peter Max Snow White set of four, Marc Chagall Carmen deluxe hand-signed edition of 200

Vladamir Pervuninsky Russian Federation paintings, Guido Argentini photography collection



The La Jolla Collection March 25th, noon


Illustrated: Charles Arnoldi monotype, Salvador Dali suite of three, Asian censer monumental 38” carnelian

Murakami multiple sculpture, Erte a selection of six bronzes, A Large Marble Top with Inlay, Bernard Buffet 1960’s lithograph

Mingzhe Huang paintings, Jonas Umbach (1624-1693) a collection of fifty engravings.



The California Collection February 25th @ noon


Illustrated in rows: Dennis Hopper lithograph, African collection, Raul Guererro painting, African statues, George Rodrigue screenrprint,

Man Ray sculpture, Francis Bacon triptych, LeRoy Neiman screenprint, Larry Bell vapor painting, Shane Guffogg painting, Robert Blue painting,

Chinese Yunan prints, Peter Lodato painting, Robert Graham sculpture, Chuck Arnoldi painting, Eames furniture



Fine Art Estates Saturday January 14th @ Noon

Illustrated in columns: Robert Frame painting, Don Sorenson painting, Charles Baptiste Schreiber painting

LeRoy Neiman screenprint, William Wegman portfolio of three, Christo fabric collaged multiple

Eugenio Granell painting, Gustave Baumann woodblock print, Alexander Calder lithograph.



Dr. William Emboden African Art Auction

January 6th 2017



International Art Auction December 3rd, 2016

Illustrated: Charles Sebree pastels, Matisse lithograph edition 28, New York paintings, older African sculpture,

Witold K 70 x 50” painting, Miro etching, Tarkay 38 x 59” painting, Alexis Smith

assemblage, J. L. Prevost etchings 1805, Andre Gisson paintings



Auction Wednesday November 16th 2016 at 2pm

1960’s Psychedelic Rock n Roll posters



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday October 22nd, 2016 at Noon

19th and 20th Century, American, European, Asian, Californian & Latin American

Paintings, Original Prints, Drawings, Photographs and large Sculpture



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday September 24th, 2016 at Noon

Illustrated: Carl Kauba bronze 27”, Tadashi Asoma painting, Al Hansen 1964 collage,

Alighiero Boetti embroidery,  Pierre Bonnard 1894 lithograph, Francisco Zuniga bronze,

Dick Hersey painting, Alfred Renoleau Palissy ceramic.



Summer Liquidation Auction August 27th, 2016

19th and 20th Century, American, European, Asian, African & Latin American

Paintings, Original Prints, Sculpture, Drawings and Photographs

Illustrated columns: Willem Dooijewaard painting, Erte, Albert Wein bronze, Otto Natzler and other ceramics,

Dale Terbush four paintings, Peter Max collection, Hans Burkhardt originals, Luigi Corbellini paintings,

Wood art by Sauer & Paulsen, LeRoy Neiman screenprint.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday July 23rd 2016 at Noon

Illustrated: Collection of small Western paintings; 19th Century paintings from Marianne Pinkus estate

Prints by Zuniga, Hundertwasser & vintage Peter Max, Vu Cao Dam 1965 painting; pin up painting by Pearl Frush

Richard Whorf painting from the estate of actor Ronald Colman



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday June 18th 2016 at Noon

Harry Marinsky bronze sculpture, Peter Max acrylic painting, Peter Shire TEAPOT 33 x 33 x 9”,

Begona Izquierdo Fernandez  painting on burlap, Vija Celmins  OCEAN SURFACE 1983 drypoint etching,

Laddie John Dill five originals, Chi’en Lung Period (1711-1799) porcelain, Sir Jacob Epstein 1940 bronze sculpture,

 Mark Kostabi bronze sculpture, Marc Chagall RED POPPIES (CS.2) 1949 Sorlier lithograph, Colleen Ross 48 x 36” painting.



Saturday May 21st 2016 at Noon

The Stephen Fisher Collection

Illustrated rows: John Cotton, Marino Marini, Hans Burkhardt

Werner Drewes, Francisco Zuniga, Eugene Berman

Ynez Johnston, Leonel Gongora, Raul Anguiano..



After-Tax Celebration

Saturday April 23rd 2016

Yuri Krasny 36” bronze, Mr. Brainwash screenprint & spray paint, Lladro Don Quixote and others, Matsumi Kanemitsu 1969 watercolor

Annette Bird sculptures, Danny Greene & other contemporary painters, Sigitas Sniras 29” sculpture, Tom Perkinson painting 37 x 49”

Danny Clinch photographs Victor Vasarely painted wood multiples, Pierre Renoir rare 1904 lithograph, Raoul Dufy 1930 lithograph.



March Collection

Saturday March 12th 2016 at Noon

 James Fetherolf painting 30 x 48”,  Andre Vignoles painting 59 x 59”,  Itzchak Tarkay painting 51 x 77”,  

Junichiro Sekino woodblock,  Francisco Zuniga 1960 pastel,  Yayoi Kusama  lithograph with fabric collage,  

Erte sculptures, Pozzi & other sculpture, Designer & Italian purses.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday January 23rd 2016 at Noon

Illustrated: Laddie John Dill 1988 painting, Richard Diebenkorn aquatint edition 35, Thomas Daniell watercolors of INDIA,

Robert Wood painting 18 x 24”, Joan Miro lithograph (M.227), Richard Whorf 1958 painting, Philippe Noyer 1976, painting 31 x 31”,

Al Hirschfeld THE TONIGHT SHOW painting on canvas 93 x 96”, Betye Saar & Jeffrey Vallance mixed media with fabric,

Earl Moran MARILYN painting on canvas 30 x 24”, Mikhail Larionov watercolor on paper, 17 ½ x 11 ½”



Fine Art Estate Auction December 5th, 2015

Illustrated in columns: Charles Garabedian 1964 painting 20 x 18”, Erte PEACE bronze 25 ½”, Walt Kuhn painting 22 Ό x 27 Ό”,

Joe Downing painting 57 Ό x 44 Ύ”, Albert Roosenboom painting 10 ½ x 13 Ό”, Thorton Rippingille 1852 painting 21 x 15 Ύ”,

Robert Bassler bronze 19 ½ x 6 ½ x 6”, Rufino Tamayo 1973 lithograph, Christopher Sanders painting 24 x 28”, Joel Stearns furniture



Fine Art & Decorative Arts

Saturday October 10th 2015 at Noon

Illustrated by columns: Jules Cheret LA FILEUSE (B.64) 1900 lithograph, 51 x 34”, Leonardo Nierman oil painting 31 ½ x 23 ½”,

Tiefeng Jiang bronze sculpture 17 x 19 x 6”, David Hockney screenprint 81 x 41”, Steuben & Baccarat & Daum Glass collections,

Francisco Zuniga MUJERS 1970 watercolor with color pastel 25 ½ x 19 ½”, Hugues Claude Pissarro oil painting on canvas 19 Ύ x 24 Ό”,

Peter Max CRIMSON LADY 1986 acrylic painting on paper 37 x 27”, Salvador Dali VISIONS SURREALISTS three lithographs.



Saturday September 12th 2015 at Noon

Modern Japanese prints from the 1950's, 60's & 70's

 Illustrated rows: Junko Tochigi, Joichi Hoshi, Rikio Takahashi, Mayumi Oda,

Jun’ichiro-Sekino, Hodaka Yoshida, Tomoo Inagaki.



Fine Art Estate Auction July 18th, 2015

Illustrated in columns: Dietz Edzard painting on canvas 13 ½ x 11 ½”, Robert Frame painting on canvas 42 x 36”,

Sonia Delaunay gouache on paper 5 ½ x 5 ½”, Alexander Calder lithograph, Francisco Zuniga 1974 lithograph,

Essie Pinsker marble 22 x 18 x 19”, Arnaldo Pomodoro 1962 bronze 5 Ύ x 3 Ό x 1 Ό”, Sam Hyde Harris painting 16 x 20”,

A collection of 300 Japanese woodblock prints sold in 40 lots.



Saturday May 16th 2015

American, European, Israeli & Latin American Fine Art

Francisco Zuniga 1967 bronze, Karl Witkowski 1889 painting, Jasper Johns 1977 lithograph,

Nathaniel Baird watercolor, Frederick E. Hart Lucite sculpture, Att J. Carol Beckwith oval painting,

Tom Wesselmann large screenprint, Walter Spitzer 1956 painting



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday March 28th 2015

Herakut sculpture 66", Case painting 43 x 36", Chagall (M.580) 1969 lithograph, Picasso (B.366) 1944 etching

Kaws plastic scuopture 52" tall, Shepard Fairey UV cured ink on FCS birch plywood 46 1/4 x 34 1/2"

Hush 2009 acrylic & spray paint 40 x 40", Joan Miro (M.621) lithograph on fabric



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday January 31st 2015

Marc Chagall 1956 lithograph, John Donaghy painting 22 x 21", Cappiello 1925 poster

Ynez Johnston 1950 painting 20 x 16", Salvador Dali Lincoln Dalivision 1977 lithograph

Pierre Le Faguays 1930 bronze, Charles Hoffbauer painting 18 x 21 1/2"

Robert Graham MOCA Torso bronze



Saturday December 13th, 2014

Decorative Asian Auction

Collections of Netsukes & Carvings, Cloisonnι, Lacquerware,

Ceramics & Ancient Pottery, Artwork, Buddha Statuary,

Jade & Nephrite, Bronzes, Tansu & Jubako



Saturday October 25th 2014 at Noon

Important American & European Paintings, Prints & Sculpture.

Illustrated rows: Jean Baptiste Armand Guillaumin 1913 color pastel, Norman Rockwell lithograph,

Edwin Deming painting, Jose Puyet painting, Marino Marini lithograph, Robert Dowd drawing,

after Raoul Dufy FEE ELECTRICITEE 1953 ten lithographs, Yaacov Agam seven screenprints,

Phoebe Beasley collage, David Howard Hitchcock 1896 Hawaiian painting, Frank S. Herrmann NYC painting.



Saturday September 6th 2014 at Noon

Important American & European Paintings, Prints & Sculpture.

Illustrated rows: Vincente Rojo 1959 painting, Miguel Martinez pastel, Julian Onderdonk 1901 painting,

Millard Sheets 1932 lithograph, Christian Grothe 1813 painting, Marc Chagall lithograph (M.909),

Salvador Dali lithograph (F.77-1), Pavel Tchelitchew c.1915 painting 33 x 46”, Rembrandt 1654 etching,

James Tissot 1878 etching, Christian Rohlfs 1913 watercolor 48 x 30cm.



Saturday July 26th, 2014 at Noon

The Jean Davis & Charles H. Black estates

Important Modern & Contemporary American, Californian, European & Asian

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Objects.

Illustrated: Roy Lichtenstein 1970 screenprint, David Ligare painting 20 x 24”, Arbit Blatas painting 40 x 50”,

Louis Icart 1939 etching, Chung Ray Fong canvas 36 x 48”, Lladro porcelain 20”, Hans Jean Arp 1946 bronze 11” tall.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday June 14th, 2014 at Noon

Important Modern & Contemporary American, European,

Asian & Latin American Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Objects.

Oscar Miestchaninoff 1952 cast bronze sculpture, LLadro porcelain (detail), Ralph Massey 1978 unique polyester resin,

Marc Chagall (M.985) 1980 color lithograph, Erte screenprint (detail), Blackamoor candelabras, Dali tapestry,

Picasso etching (detail), Jose Montanes painting 40 x 34”, 19th Century painting, Italian painting collection,

Marko Mavrovic painting 40 x 60”, Peter Max painting on canvas 36 x 48”.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday April 26th, 2014 at Noon

Important Modern & Contemporary American, European,

Asian & Latin American Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Photography.

Illustrated: Bert Stern photo print, Manuel Rivera-Hernandez  1961 metal mixed media,

after Pablo Picasso lithograph, Sunol Alvar painting, Joan Miro 1969 lithograph,

Mark Kostabi painting, Francois Baron-Renouard painting, Carolyn Young watercolor.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday March 8th, 2014 at Noon

Important Modern & Contemporary American, European, Asian

& Latin American Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Decorative Arts.

Illustrated clockwise from left: Walter Williams (detail) 1964 block print, Robert Wee painting, Judy Stabile (detail) painting on glass,

Melvin Schuler 82" column, Pedro Flores painting, Michel Henry 52 x 38" painting, Moise Kisling pastel, Donald Sorenson 90 x 78" painting



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday January 18th, 2014 at Noon

Important Modern & Contemporary American, European, Asian

& Latin American Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Decorative Arts.

Illustrated rows: Contemporary balancing sculpture 5’ tall, Peter Voulkos 1964 ceramic, Kudo Muramasa watercolor,

Leonardo Nierman painting, Jasper De Beijer C-print, John Okulick wall sculpture,

Ellsworth Kelly 1973 lithograph, Richard Diebenkorn 1982 lithograph.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday November 9th, 2013 at Noon

Important Modern, Contemporary & 19th Century American, European,

Asian & Latin American Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Decorative Glass.

Featuring the Estate of Joseph Austin.

Illustrated rows: Takashi Murakami sculpture, Joan Miro lithograph, Jean Jansem watercolor,

David Hammons original body print, Pauline Stella Sanchez sculpture, Andre Dunoyer De Segonzac

painting 35 x 51”, Edo Mertic 1963 painting, Roy Lichtenstein 1964 signed edition 300, Erik Gronberg

sculpture 48” tall, Leroy Neiman Prince Charles screenprint, Attr. F R Von Amerling painting 40 ½ x 33 ½”,

Jose Roig painting 32 ½ x 35 ½”, Dietz Edzard painting 14 x 10”.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday September 28th, 2013 at Noon

Important American, European, Asian, & Latin American

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Decorative Arts & Glass

Illustrated clockwise: David Leffel painting, Pablo Picasso large ceramic, Lladro grand adventure 54” long,

Jules Cheret pastel on canvas, Jeffrey Ripple painting 30 x 60”, Philippe Noyer, painting,

Lalique & large glass collection, Nino Caffe painting 11 Ύ x 25 ½”



Saturday September 7th, 2013 at Noon

Summer Liquidation Auction!   99% to be Sold Without Reserve!



Auction Saturday July 27th, 2013 at Noon

Important American, European, Asian, & Latin American

Paintings, Prints, Sculpture & Decorative Arts.

 Illustrated clockwise: Louis Valtat painting, Salvador Dali 1966 lithograph, Moissey Kogan sculpture,

Paul Emile Pissarro painting, Henry A. Rand painting, California plein air paintings, Paul Landacre woodcut,

Marc Chagall lithographs, Francisco Zuniga sculpture.



Auction Saturday June 8th, 2013 at Noon

American, European, Asian, Latin, Ethnic, Folk, Low Brow & Urban Artwork,

Photography, Furniture, Pottery, Glass & Wood Decorative Arts.


Illustrated rows: Marc Chagall Red Flowers (M.705) 1973 lithograph, Frank Kupka 1950 watercolor,

Robert Dowd 1967 acrylic painting, Yousuf Karsh Albert Schweitzer 1954 gelatin silver print,

Sylvia Ji acrylic painting, Marie Laurencin 1911 watercolor, Peter Max screenprint,

Paul Grimm painting 24 x 30”, KOFIE acrylic with collage, James Harvard 1976 painting 56 x 62” 



Auction Saturday April 20th, 2013 at Noon

Important Paintings, Prints, Photographs, & Sculpture.

Illustrated by rows: Roy Lichtenstein 1975 screenprint, Horacio painting 23 ½ x 18”, Joan Miro 1969 lithograph,

Gino Severini 1916 linoleum cut print, James March Phillips watercolor 17 ½ x 14”,

Jim (Buck) McCain painting 16 x 20”, Lev Tchistovsky aquatint, Jean Dufy Watercolor 9 ½ x 17 Ύ”,

Georges Laugee painting 24 x 29”, Rembrandt van Rijn 1639 etching, Albert Wein 1968 bronze,

after Marc Chagall 1961 lithograph, Hagenauer c.1940 bronze & wood, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 1892 lithograph. 



Auction Saturday March 2nd, 2013 at Noon

Important Paintings, Prints, Photographs, & Sculpture.

Illustrated by columns, Felipe Castaneda sculptures, John Levee 1959 gouache 22 x 30”, Robert Ramirez painting 36 x 36”,

Movie Poster collection, Carlos Merida lithograph, Leopoldo Metlicovitz 1906 poster,

Jasper Johns 1960’s a very rare complete portfolio of 13 etchings, Eugene Garin painting 24 x 48”,

Mariano Rodriguez 1944 painting 33 Ύ x 22”, Patrick Nagel ink painting on board 26 x 20”



Auction Saturday January 12th 2013, at Noon

Fine & Decorative Paintings, Prints, Photographs, & Sculpture.

Illustrated: Ive Samson painting 30 x 36”, Takashi Murakami acrylic on canvas 16 x 16”,

Carlos Alfonzo mixed media painting on paper 24 x 18”, Rufino Tamayo etching 30 x 21 Ύ”, M. Sanzone painting 31 x 31”,

Yannis Gaitis sculpture 62 ½” tall, A large selection of sculpture & Lladro & decorative arts,

Francisco Zuniga lithograph 21 ½ x 27 ½”, Patrick Nagel ink drawing on board 20 x 30”



Auction Saturday November 10th 2012

Important Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Posters, & Sculpture.

Illustrated: Albert Wein bronze 28”, Claude Vernard painting 29 ½ x 29 ½”, Tony Rosenthal bronze 21”,

 Patrick Nagel India ink on board 15 x 10 ½”, Vasa acrylic sculptures, William E. Scott painting 28 x 42”,

Pablo Picasso decoupage drawing 12 3/4 x 10”, Pablo Picasso linoleum cut (B.926)



Auction Saturday September 15th 2012

19th & 20th Century, Israeli, Russian, American & European

Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Posters, Books & Sculpture.

Illustrated: Richard Thompson 20 x 24” painting, Pierre Fix Masseau 1929 very rare 64 x 47” poster,

Pablo Picasso etching (B.1925) edition 50, Andy Warhol Muhammad Ali screenprint edition 150, Maxim Kantor 40 x 68” painting,

Marcel Janco 24 x 34” painting, Ernst Neizvestny 77 3/4 x 60 3/4” painting, Joan Miro Maja Negra aquatint edition 50,

Yosl Bergner 32 x 45” painting, Rembrandt 1639 etching



Auction Saturday August 4th 2012

19th & 20th Century, Modern & Contemporary Paintings,

Drawings, Prints Posters, Books & Sculpture.

Illustrated: : Bela Kadar 1907 gouache, Pablo Picasso 1949 lithograph, I

saac Maimon painting 39 x 30”, Erte 1989 bronze, Suzanne Eisendieck painting,

Guy Dill cement sculpture 75” tall, Jasper Johns 1971 color lithograph



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday June 16th 2012

19th & 20th Century, Modern & Contemporary Paintings, Drawings,

Prints, Vintage Film Posters, & indoor and outdoor sculpture.

Illustrated: LeRoy Neiman 6’ x 4’ painting, outdoor sculptures, Robert Moore sculpture,

John Gallagher sculpture, Elyse painting, LeRoy Neiman Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival painting,

Tibor Jankay painting, Stanley William Hayter 1953 painting, Gustovo Novoa painting,

Vintage James Bond & Star Wars film posters, Picasso ceramic



Fine Art Auction Saturday April 28th 2012

Featuring 19th & 20th Century Paintings, Drawings, Prints,

Posters, Books & a large selection of important Photography.

Illustrated: John Divola cibachrome, Henry Moore lithograph, Eric Fischl C print, Fernando Szyszlo painting,

Billy Al Bengston 1968 lacquered polyester resin on aluminum, Salvador Dali lithograph, Carlo Mattioli painting,

Joyce Tenneson C print, John Morris painting, Luis Graner Y Arrufi painting, Phil Borges gelatin silver print,

Yoshitomo Nara & Hiro Sugito crayon over litho, Tom Savage 84 x 72” painting



Special Important Auction Saturday March 10th 2012

Featuring Art from the Collection of Hollywood's Rona Barrett,

Contemporary Drawings from the Diane & Sandy Besser Collection,

and a Selection of 19th & 20th Century Paintings & Fine Furnishings.

Illustrated: Steinlen “La Rue” 1896 poster 91 x 116”, Le Pho painting 29 x 21”, David Burliuk pastel 15 x 10”,

Robert Longo sculpture 43 x 47 x 6”, Peregrine Honig drawings, Charles Arnoldi chainsaw sculpture 44 x 48”,

Mary Corse mixed media 48 x 48”, Manuel Ayaso drawing, Guy Dill sculpture 103” tall, A large Selection of

Furnishings & Decorative items including Asian Ceramics & Reuge Music Boxes


Special Important Auction Saturday January 21st, 2012

Featuring the Hollywood Collections of Harold Berkowitz & Jerry Bernstein

and Important Contemporary Artworks Sold to Benefit the

Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center.

Illustrated: Iva Guerorguiva painting 77 x 87”, Haavard Homstvedt painting 64 x 48”,

Monique Frydman pastel/painting on canvas 86 x 76”, Alex Brown painting 68 x 60”, Don Bachardy gouache 31 x 23”,

Alida Margolis oval painting (detail) 64 x 106”, Megan McManus (top) painting 24 x 32”, Kevin Sinnot painting 15 x 22”,

 Bill Barminski painting 24 x 24”, Linda Day mixed media (detail) 11 x 11”, Gene Logan life size welded metal sculpture



Fine Art Auction Saturday December 10th 2011



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday November 12th, 2011

Illustrated: Miguel Martinez pastel, Sam Francis lithograph, Jules Engel & Fischinger with Baccarat & Furniture,

Rudolf Stingel painting, Rene Lalique, Marc Chagall lithograph, Zvi Raphaeli painting,

Kenny Scharf screenprint, Damien Hirst wallpaper, Ynez Johnston ceramic,

Mike Giant & Shepard Fairey combine screenprint



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday October 1st, 2011

Illustrated: Veloy Vigil painting, decorative wood sculpture, Shirl Goedike painting, Hulda painting, 

Continental School painting, George Moreland painting, Tom Wesselmann screenprint, George Chann 

painting, LeRoy Neiman screenprint, Bob Peak painting, Jacob Thompson painting, Rafael Coronel 

pastel, Alexander Marie Colin painting, Dietz Edzard painting



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday August 6th, 2011



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday June 25th 2011

Illustrated: Ted Withers pin-up painting, Hundertwasser screenprint, Martinez Y Bilbao painting,

Hiroshi Yoshida woodblock, Asian Collection of ceramics & decorative sculpture, Joichi Hoshi wood engraving.



Fine Art Estate Auction Saturday May 14th 2011

Illustrated: Salvador Dali tapestry, Sam Francis lithograph, Elisee Maclet painting,

 Alexander Calder lithograph, Bill Mack wall sculpture, Leonardo Nierman painting



Fine Art Auction Saturday April 2nd 2011

Illustrated: Jeremy Lipking painting, Romero Britto painting, Foussa Itaya painting, Theo Tobiasse painting,

Billy Al Bengston watercolor, Robert Dowd watercolor with graphite, Robert Frame painting



Auction Saturday February 12th 2011



Auction Saturday December 11th 2010



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We are currently reconstructing from ground zero.


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